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3096 Dias Pdf

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The amphibian fauna of Brazil is one of the richest in the world, however, there is a lack of information on its diversity and distribution. More studies are necessary to increase our understanding of amphibian ecology, microhabitat choice and use, and distribution of species along an area, thereby facilitating actions for its management and conservation. Fifty-one amphibian species belonging to twenty-ive genera and eleven families were recorded: Anura - Aromobatidae one species , Brachycephalidae six species , Bufonidae three species , Craugastoridae one species , Cycloramphidae three species , Hylidae twenty-four species , Hylodidae two species , Leptodactylidae six species , Microhylidae two species , Odontophrynidae two species ; and Gymnophiona - Siphonopidae one species. Visits to herpetological collections were responsible for 16 species of the previous list. The most abundant species recorded in the ield were Crossodactylus gaudichaudii, Hypsiboas faber, and Ischnocnema parva, whereas the species Chiasmocleis lacrimae was recorded only once. Introduction characteristics. Over the last two centuries, this Bergallo et al. In to its great biodiversity Bergallo et al. New species are also Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Quinta da Boa Vista, frequently being described e. Cruz et al. The identiication of amphibian species and the Manuella Folly et al. Figure 1. However, the threat region of the state of Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil level that these animals are facing is hard to infer due to Figure 1. Herpetological collections were consulted the lack of adequate information on the natural history, to improve the data, and included the municipalities taxonomy and distribution of species Young et al.

Missing sampling sites were provided to the species that were found just on herpetological collections. Sample numbers does not relect abundance. Lutz and B.

Table 2. According to Izecksohn and B. Physalaemus cuvieri, P. It is similis. However, C. This fact may be due to the deforestation et al.

Tonini et al. Scinax trapicheiroi is endemic to the state of Rio de During the ieldwork at CMSJP, the most abundant Janeiro and can be found in the coastal mountains. The species were Crossodactylus gaudichaudii Figure 5E , type-locality of this species is the municipality of Rio de Hypsiboas faber and Ischnocnema parva.

Photos A and C by Vanessa Onofre.

Belkin wireless adapter drivers windows xp - Windows Mac Linux

This species Ischnocnema octavioi is known from Floresta da Tijuca was recorded for the municipalities of Engenheiro Paulo Manuella Folly et al. Figure 5. In spite of being 4C , Scinax hayii, S. This study shows the importance of state of Bahia to Rio de Janeiro.

Both species have this area that, although disturbed, still presents some been recorded in CMSJP, at an elevation of m, fragments of preserved forest, harbouring 51 species. Brazilian Journal of Biology, 70 3 : Biota Neotropica, 9 4 : Bergallo, H.

Ed UERJ. Calleffo, M. Number of species per sampling site.

Marsh Ma , Auricchio, P. Eco Health, 3 1 : Carvalho-E-Silva, A. Biota Neotropica, 8 1 : Cicchi, P. Biota were extended. Recently, the species Brachycephalus Neotropica, 9 2 : Last accessed on 10 December We would like to thank the Associate Cruz, C. Christoph Liedtke, for his valuable contributions to the Wagler belonging to the S.

Zootaxa, Juliana Silva for revising the English text. We thank Joan Caram 18— Da Luz, C. L, Barth, O. We thank Dr.

Natascha Kampusch Em Pdf Epub E Mobi

Carvalho-e-Silva, Dr. A treatment with activated carbon w , w , w , w , w , m , completely removed the small quantity of yellow impurities w , w , w , w , w , from 1c, but not from 1a. This complementary set of ILs made it possible to study the correlation between structural modifications and physicochemical properties: i Imidazolium cations — Comparison of the 1-alkyl ether functional groups with the 1-alkyl chains due to the same number of atoms C7O3 a versus C10 c and C3O1 b versus C4 d ; ii Imidazolium cations — Comparison of the length of the 1-alkyl ether and 1-alkyl chains C7O3 a versus C3O1 b and C10 c versus C4 d ; iii IL anions — Comparison of methanesulfonate 2 Scheme 1.

General synthetic route for the synthesis of the imidazolium ILs Room- interactions and physicochemical properties. The 1-alkylmethylimidazolium methanesulfonate salts 2c and Imidazolium ILs exist as hydrogen-bonded networks in 2d were obtained as ultra pure and white crystals in high yields both solid and liquid phases. In contrast, the 1-alkyl ethermethylimidazolium is surrounded by anions and each anion is surrounded by methanesulfonate salts 2a and 2b are RTILs and re- imidazolium cations in an extended network due to the crystallization attempts were unsuccessful for both.

An acid- formation of hydrogen bonds between the imidazolium base purification procedure with methanesulfonic acid ring protons and anions. It is especially this feature what was applied as alternative to remove the slight excess of distinguishes the imidazolium ILs from other types of ILs 1-methylimidazole.

Undoubtly, of the correlation between structural modifications and re-crystallization was the only suitable purification procedure physicochemical properties.

An infrared spectroscopy for the removal of the small quantities of yellow impurities. Table 1. Imidazolium cation-anion interactions and molecular packing are the parameters that determine the density. The anion exerts a strong influence on the density, which decreases in Figure 3. Imidazolium ring proton numbers. This shows that the more bulky PF6 anion is responsible for a more dense molecular packing.

Other trends are seen for the 1-alkyl ether and Q [C-H2] are expected in this region for the aromatic C-H 1-alkyl imidazolium cation substituents. Ether-functionalized stretching vibrations in the imidazolium ring. Furthermore, the 1-alkyl ether frequencies at , and cm-1, respectively. A shift functionalized RTIL 3a has a higher density compared to to lower frequencies, corresponding to a reduced strength of 1-alkyl functionalized RTIL 3c.

These trends are consistent the aromatic C-H bond, is the consequence of an increased with previously reported data and enforce that it is possible hydrogen bonding participation. Theoretical calculations show that the H2 proton bears the largest positive charge of the aromatic imidazolium Phase transitions protons and is, therefore, the strongest hydrogen bond Differential scanning calorimetry experiments were donor. The influence of the 1-alkyl ether and 1-alkyl imidazolium 1-alkyl methanesulfonate salts 2c and 2d are solid at room- cation substituents is much less pronounced.

The 1-alkyl ether RTILs were obtained as yellow liquids due to a tiny amount of a yellow impurity. Physicochemical properties Although not further considered in the following discussion, it should be kept in mind that this impurity could affect the Density phase transitions. In contrast, only a crystallization exotherm the liquid range of the ILs The ILs 2d, are presented in Figure 5. Interestingly, the BF4 RTILs have 3c and 4b have both crystalline and amorphous domains both the highest thermal stability and lowest solid-liquid as glass transition endotherms as well as crystallization transition temperatures.

Table 3 shows a highly anion exotherms and melting endotherms were detected. Furthermore, the 1-alkyl ether modifications does not exist for the ILs However, a functionalized RTILs 2a and 3a have lower decomposition few isolated trends are visible: i A higher crystallinity is temperatures in comparison to their 1-alkyl equivalents observed when the imidazolium cation is functionalized 2c and 3c.

3096 dias pdf converter

Hexafluorophosphate RTIL 4b has the lowest with a longer 1-alkyl chain 2c vs 2d and 3c vs 3d ; thermal stability. One of the most important parameters of ILs is their liquid range. The lower limit of the liquid range is either determined by the glass transition temperature for completely amorphous ILs or by the melting point for ILs with crystallinity. Alfonso and co-workers9 previously reported the synthesis and phase transitions Table 2 of the 1-monoethylene glycol monomethyl ethermethylimidazolium BF4 and PF6 ILs Figure 5.

TGA traces of the ILs 2b, 3b, 4a and 4b. However, 1-alkyl functionalized imidazolium ILs was successfully other general trends upon modification of the imidazolium prepared via a halide-free approach. Most of these cation are not visible. In comparison, the acidity of the imidazolium ring H2 proton is strongly enhanced for the methanesulfonate ILs 2. In contrast, physicochemical properties like phase transitions and decomposition temperature are tuneable by structural modifications, but, although some trends are observed, their correlation is Figure 4.

Interestingly, the broadest liquid , 11, ; Schrekker, H. Schrekker, C. Colloid Interface Sci. On the H.

Branco, L. Altogether, Chem. Besides, this knowledge could facilitate the Bartsch, R. Acknowledgments Lett. The authors thank the CNPq for financial support. In most of the articles, the steps discussed are not in an elaborated way.

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