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    Cambridge BEC 4 Higher Student's Book with Answers: Examination Papers from University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. Read more. Answer key Answers to Self-study and Exam practice. It is available at three levels: Cambridge BEC Higher Cambridge BEC Vantage Cambridge BEC Preliminary Cambridge BEC Higher is a practical examination that focuses on English in business-related situations. Complete Listening Tests. PASS Cambridge BEC Higher – Self-Study Practice - Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online.

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    Pass Cambridge Bec Higher Pdf

    [PDF] Pass Cambridge BEC Higher Student Book w/2CDs. Pass Cambridge BEC Higher Student Book w/2CDs. Book Review. A fresh eBook with a brand new. Dear friends we have a book Pass Cambridge BEC Higher Student Book PDF Download!!! Which of course not make you disappointed. Do not worry there. Business Higher – do not have particular language specifications or vocabulary lists. Do I have to pass each paper in order to pass the whole examination? No.

    Dealing with paperwork hard copy Working on the company network Q3 How many times a week do you need to see the following people face-to-face? Writing 0 Write a word report assessing the suitability of your job for home-based working. Separate the report into logical paragraphs with appropriate headings. What are the most important practical considerations when setting up your own home office? Research has shown that in todays dynamic working environment the traditional job description is no longer 1 'Theres a lack of communication in Sales. This can 2 Lets organise some training for our team leaders. Or is it 4 It seems team leaders roles arent clear enough. Who knows? Put each verb in brackets into the correct form of the present simple or continuous. Sally He re-aligned certain aspects of the job. Colin I want wants a meeting on Friday morning at Some of the feedback things he showed us last time about time management were really useful. Anyway, Id better go. Underline any extra words in lines

    Corporate social responsibility Language focus: Modal verbs 9 Situations: Telephone calls Skills: Effective telephoning 10 Topic: What if? Language focus: Getting started in business Language focus: Review 12 Situations: Presenting your company Skills: Effective presentations. Designed for those who have passed the BEC Preliminary exam, and general students of business English at a Pre- Intermediate level, this course improves and strengthens students business English skills to begin a formal BEC Vantage exam preparation course.

    Work-related topics: EL Gazette If you have Intermediate level students who will benefit from a systematic grammar-based approach to business English, Progress to Vantage could be the book you are looking for. English Teaching Matters Progress to Vantage will work well with pre-work students who want to get qualified and in-work students who want a solid coursebook and nothing more. English Teaching Professional This course is suitable for those whose main goal is to reach an Intermediate business English level.

    Comprehensive, and enjoyable, sure to score high with students and teachers alike. Glossary and sample unit on Contents 1a Teamwork 1b Communication 2a Entertaining a client 2b Corporate hospitality 3a Ordering goods 3b Cash flow 4a Brand power 4b Public relations 5a Relocation 5b New premises 6a Reporting results 6b Environmental report 7a Health and safety 7b Rights at work 8a Business expenses 8b Business travel 9a Flexible benefits 9b Staff appraisal 10a Marketing disasters 10b Going global English Teaching Matters Very clear, easy to use and complete.

    Ideal preparation for the exams. Good listening exercises too for BEC students. Susan Wilkinson, EFL Teacher, France This is a course which progressively leads to the exam, but is also interested in the more general language and skills development of its users.

    X Teacher s Book: Glossary and sample unit on Sample from Unit 5a Staff Motivation Talking about motivation at work Formal report language Reading Listening Report Writing Contents 1a Work roles 1b Company structure 2a Stocks and shares 2b Mergers and acquisitions 3a Trade fairs 3b Entering a market 4a The future of work 4b e-business 5a Staff motivation 5b Recruitment 6a 6b 7a 7b 8a 8b Corporate culture Cultural diversity Industrial espionage Business ethics Global brands Global sourcing Not too dense, very focused on exam skills.

    Macmillan Education Business Titles Find the business course or title that s right for you in this handy course comparison chart. In Company 3. Cambridge University Press offers an excellent range of resources to prepare students for University of Cambridge.

    Written to. Grammarin Use Practice makes perfect Includes sample units from both levels www. English for Teaching 3 course and modules description English for Teaching 3 is a comprehensive training course for in-service L2 teachers of English who need to further develop their English language.

    Programme Catalogue Delivering the highest quality learning experience! Vital English offer a range of quality learning programmes designed to teach English to speakers of other languages. These materials. Hooray for Holidays Hooray for Holidays!! Leitfaden Hooray for Holidays! A discourse approach to teaching modal verbs of deduction Michael Howard, London Metropolitan University Background Despite the current emphasis on Communicative Language Teaching, many recently published.

    Semester 1 2 3 5 This course provides administration technology.

    Introducing Cambridge English: B1 Coordinator and author of the syllabus: Erik L. Dostal Email: UNIT 1 Unit 1: Spring in their steps Language: Review of tenses Vocabulary: Definitions; metaphors Career skills: Building relationships Culture at work: Working relationships. APP English 1A Absolute Beginner emphasizes the development of practical language skills with a focus on business-related themes, vocabulary, and grammatical structures.

    The instructor will tailor the. This internationally. Incorporating articles. Augustin Agenda Assessment The Exams. First for Schools Cambridge English: First, commonly known as First Certificate in English. Class es Lesson To identify the principal parts of verbs; to use the principal parts of verbs appropriately Cross-reference: TEFL Cert. My Oxford English Online Course My Oxford English is an innovative, media-rich online English course encompassing a wide range of highquality interactive content.

    Entertaining, flexible, and engaging,. They provide a full range of English language services to adults whose first language is. Premium offers a broader learning experience for exam and non-exam students, combining language. Latin I Teacher: Noralee Cartier Contact Information: B Course Description:. It is a website that gives. Overview of main course content Aptis for Teens Unlock teens potential to achieve academic excellence Around the world, students are starting to learn English earlier on in their schooling, which is driving a demand for English assessment.

    Forward thinking organisations. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the prior permission. Advanced Grammar in Use A reference and practice book for advanced learners of English Third Edition without answers c a m b r i d g e u n i v e r s i t y p r e s s Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid,.

    Innovation Level: In an increasingly competitive world,. A few key facts about us: English in York was established in. Of course. They then collapsed before rise briefly to 8 Prices fluctuated but remained fairly steady overall. Consort Industries listings flotation investment shares. Since then.

    He also gives me good information about companies. Like Consort. Read the article on page 22 again and put the Match the words as they appear in the unit.

    Pass Cambridge BEC: Higher Workbook with Key

    Add any necessary commas. Advanced Chairman Tom McGillis said the nouns to follow each phrase. This latest bid. Think of two other counterbid.. Advanced Technologies pic. F In addition to a nine-hole golf course. Facsimile and photocopying facilities are also available at an extra cost. PqTJh [Photographs of our superb centre can be viewed on our website at www. H In response to your enquiry regarding Devonshire Manor.

    The meeting rooms themselves are completely self- contained. In the meantime. E An extensive range of conference equipment is provided in each one. Dear I was delighted to meet you at the UK Conference Exhibition last week in Bath and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the interest you have shown in the wide range of conference centres we represent. I look forward to hearing from you.

    We hope that delegates find time to enjoy the wealth of activities which both the Devonshire M anor estate and its surroundings have to offer. Devonshire Manor provides the ideal venue for both conferences and meetings o f up to 40 delegates. Devonshire Manor has fourtennis courts. D The large 17th century house has been tastefully renovated and refurbished to provide all the amenities of a modern conference centre. Devonshire Manor has managed to retain the atmosphere of a traditional English country estate.

    Devonshire Manor has 20 en suite bedrooms. H to fill in each of the gaps. I enclose full details concerning the facility. C In addition to the house itself. TVs and videos are all included as standard. G This covers the use of conference rooms and standard equipment as well as full-board accommodation.

    B This is the reason why we give all delegates access to video data projectors and other visual aids. Devonshire Manor is set in acres of private woodland and gardens approximately 10 miles south of Exeter city centre and just seven miles from the M5 motorway.

    After a bad start to the month. Another Swiss salesperson with very good 2. Salesperson of the month Our salesperson of the month is Kurt Steiner from Stuttgart.. Who knows. Congratulations Kurt! There was another excellent performance in Switzerland from Cecile Fourget.: This will obviously go a long 5.

    Jerome Zola Mike was successful in winning a major 4. Our Lisieux centre has also done well. In France. As for Finland. These claims. Some lines are correct. It is either grammatically incorrect or does not fit in with the sense of the text The strike has had little or no impact on services in most areas of the country and almost An estimated The bank said that fewer than branches had closed If a line is correct.

    Pass Cambridge BEC: Higher Workbook with Key

    A spokesman for the BBU. The bank also denied claims by the unions that the action had put as The centre will be 1 moving again in the next few weeks. W e would like to take this chance to thank you staff and management for their efforts over the last twelve months. Business has grown by more than a fifty per cent 3 during the past year. Exam practice Newsletter 0 Just one year after moving into the suburbs of Stockholm. Even though it is not 9 yet clear how big the contract will be.

    A course 9 overseas not only gives to participants the perfect way of experiencing the 10 cultural life of the country at a first hand. It also provides an opportunity for them 11 to make network with their counterparts and gain valuable insights which 12 will help them for operate more effectively in the global arena which is international business today.

    What 7 helped us win the contract was in the success of the training we have 8 been doing for similar companies in the recent years.

    W e are 11 positive the excellent new location will be provide further boosts. Staying with a host family that gives 7 participants even more of exposure to the target language and helps them 8 make immediate use of the language they have learned.

    That is why more and more 1 business and professional people they are attending language training 2 courses overseas rather than in their own country. It is either grammatically incorrect or does not fit in with the sense of the text.

    Although such courses 3 may be expensive. In addition to have formal 5 lessons. The contract which will 6 initially be for a two-year period but we hope it will be extended.

    Trade fairs Exhibiting at a trade fair Speaking Q What are the benefits of trade fairs for exhibitors and visitors? Earls Court Two Exhibition Centre. Can you a ffo rd not to be seen th e re? Every company has been hand-picked for talent and originality. It is the key show for downloaders. What details are given about the following?

    London Reading 1 Read the advertisement. Earls Court Two is the centre of creativity. Both summer and autumn exhibitions attract We continually watch the market for companies like yours who share the high standards of the Top Drawer exhibition and the quality of the products displayed at the show.

    For three days in May. More than exhibitors will be attending Top Drawer Summer for the first time. Discuss and decide the following. Put the sentences [ifiEjs into the correct order. Then divide the letter into paragraphs. Speaking Q Your company wishes to exhibit at a trade fair.

    Lisa Ferguson or myself on If you rely on meeting customers face to face in an environment that allows you to show your products to their best advantage.

    London Dear Thank you for your interest in the above event.? If you require any further information or advice. Now in its eighteenth year. Held in Central London. Q N ow read the Top Draw er letter and compare your answer. The key to the continuing popularity of Top Drawer is its selection process. I enclose full details of this and future shows for you.

    As requested. Both summer and autumn exhibitions attract some Top Drawer continues to be the showcase event for personal gifts and home accessories. All applications will be given our full attention the moment we receive them. Language Q Look at the following sentence.

    Write a word report describing the event and recommending why your company should exhibit there. Trade fairs Further to our conversation o f. Standard letter phrases The following phrases are useful when writing letters.

    Writing Write a word letter of reply to an enquiry received by your company. Find further examples in the letter of the present simple referring to future time.

    Reading Read the text on the opposite page. Where do you think it is from? W ho is the text aimed at? What main differences do you note between the use of articles in English and your language? Speaking Q Choose one of the topics below and talk about it for one minute.

    Companies with previous experience of exporting particularly to other parts of Asia who are willing to participate in trade fairs in China and who are prepared to produce trade literature in Chinese will have the greatest chance of success. Agents and distributors are still a rarity. Success in China will require long term com mitment and the ability to research the market thoroughly and forge relationships with the Chinese themselves.

    Substantial opportunities also exist in a wide range of other sectors and the chances are that com panies with profiles similar to your own are already doing business with the Chinese. Before you begin. It will almost always be necessary to visit the market as the Chinese very rarely respond to mailshots or requests for information by fax from unknown sources.

    Britain m China Language Q Look at the articles a. Further visits to China will be necessary as business partnerships develop.

    There are a number of different strategies for entering the Chinese market. We can now build on this base to increase our exports and to develop our commercial interests. Agents or distributors in Hong Kong are often able to generate sales in mainland China. Speaking Q What advice would you give Chinese people visiting your country on business?

    Entering a market. Upon arrival. Listen and complete the notes using up to three words or a number. First of all. Thank you again for your help. In particular. I am in the process of making my travel arrangements and. Regards Optional task Q Visit the www.

    I am pleased to say I will be attending a trade fair in your city next month. You gave me your business card and kindly offered to help me if I ever planned to visit your country. Choose a destination and prepare a brief presentation on where to stay. I would very much like to invite you for a meal one evening if it is convenient. I would welcome your advice on accommodation and how to get around the city.

    What would you suggest I do? I hope we can meet during my visit. I hope to hear from you soon. I would appreciate it if you could give me some advice. I will have a free day for sightseeing as well.

    Writing Q You have received the following letter from a business acquaintance in China. Should I arrange car hire. Read the letter and write a word reply. If you 10 require any further information. We are look forward to hearing from you in the near future. How about you? downloaders come from independent. Is there anything planned for the evening? Which words run vertically through the answers? Put each verb in brackets into the correct form.

    Guests should always accept these invitations as small talk in social setting is essential for forging relationships with Chinese. Q Match the words as they appear in the unit. Complete the text by adding the necessary articles. At beginning of conversation a joint venture an investment meeting. The cost of a 5-minute i 2 Ensure that you warn your hosts in advance if you local phone call j use audio-visual equipment. Following meeting Chinese enterprise will probably arrange special dinner for overseas guests along with other entertainment such as sightseeing.

    This person an arrangement a mailshot business will usually chair meeting and act as host. At meetings with Chinese. It is appropriate at this point for foreign an arrangement participants to make their case and answer questions.

    Look at the information comparing average prices in London and Beijing. Host will then officially start proceedings with brief make do enter into introduction to Chinese enterprise.

    Visiting team is then invited to speak. Find words in the unit which go after business. Even more importantly. They can explain how stocks. Most importantly. To begin with. In order to avoid an expensive mistake. Although people have been attracted by the phenomenal rate at which these companies are expanding. Some investors try to remove the element of risk by closely monitoring stock market movements on a daily basis or by paying a regular sum into a managed fund over a long period of time.

    C and D. When deciding to invest in shares. Private investors unwilling to tolerate high levels of risk can reduce this uncertainty by downloading shares in blue chip companies. As a first-time investor. C or D for the answer you choose. Consultants can provide information on how to invest in the most attractive companies in both the UK and overseas.

    Although such an investment may minimise risk. One reliable way of managing investments is through a broker. Investing in the stock market has always been more profitable than putting money into a traditional savings account.

    An alternative method is to deal in shares on the Internet. There are many reasons why more and more people are now downloading shares. Such companies. C more exciting. D investors pay less tax on earnings. D choosing a variety of investments. D a lot safer. B monitoring share prices very closely.

    B much easier. You have just received a letter asking you for a written reference. B have a large number of shares. A the best time to invest in shares B the most suitable type of investment C the cheapest way to download shares D the safest companies to invest in 6 Many investors download and sell shares via the Internet because it is A far cheaper. C downloading shares gradually over time. Refer to relevant factors such as current responsibilities. C are often a very safe investment.

    D offer potential for rapid growth. A how much you pay for the shares B how quickly you can make a profit C how willing you are to take risks D how financially secure you are 3 Investors are attracted to Internet companies because they A sell their shares at a low price. B investors get a better rate of return. C investment periods are more flexible.

    The future of work Visions Read the extract from a magazine article about the future of work and answer the questions. It knows what work you want to do and how much you expect to earn. The golden beach. You knew working from Sri Lanka y for a few months would be a good idea. You walk back into the room to see your team leader's face on the wall giving details about the marketing project and today's objectives.

    You forget the briefing for a moment and gaze out across the terrace at the waves gently lapping against the shore. You try to pinpoint exactly what it is about him that you dislike. Not that it matters. Your work organiser has already scanned the Web and applied for several new assignments.

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    Did people really use to work in the same office all their lives? Lying on the beach. Suddenly your pleasant thoughts are interrupted by your pager. You walk through the terrace doors and shout at your personal work organiser to download any mail and access all the meeting preparation files.

    Pass Cambridge BEC: Higher Workbook with Key

    On the wall a large flat monitor hums and flickers into life as you head into the shower. It then does the rest for you. Look at the statements they make. In fact. Joshua Colder- People are beginning to make the connection between lifestyle. Scott Forrest - With people working from anywhere.

    Staff interaction will be through telecommunications rather than the place of work. Smart firms are already pushing these responsibilities up the agenda and showing a lot more V interest in the needs of people in their immediate environment.

    Jeanne Desail I - In future. So one requirement for a healthy organisation is certainly going to be maintaining respect in relationships. I think working hours will probably change quite dramatically. Match each of the statements with one of the managers below. Janice Watson - Companies will have to concentrate more on establishing employee loyalty.

    Another issue is that with the growth in teleworking. And on a more global scale. People will expect a better standard of working environment too. For instance.

    The future of work C was able to save money by doing so. What was the main objective of the BA vision? A to have a more co-operative environment B to allow people to work more flexibly C to centralise its information and data What example of reduced hierarchy does Jan Dunn give?

    A executives being allocated smaller offices B senior managers losing their parking spaces C managers sharing their personal assistants Why does BA want residents to use the Street every day? Key A to increase the security of the building 1 Information point B to encourage a sense of community 2 Bank C to promote trade at the Street shop 3 Waitrose 4 Pavement cafe How can residents be contacted within the building?

    Listen and choose one letter for the correct answer. Language Q Look at the five texts again. How many different ways of expressing predictions can you find? Put the predictions in order of strength. Which of them do you agree with? B had to vacate the Heathrow site. Speaking Q Look at the results of a survey about how residents adapted to working at Waterside in the first twelve months. A She works a lot more efficiently. C promoting the use of cafes for meetings. What would your partner like to change most?

    Optional task o Visit the www. C She spends less time in meetings. How did the move change working conditions for BA staff? B encouraging people to hold smaller meetings. Find out about the way your partner works using the How I work diagram above. B it saves time during the day. C there are no facilities nearby.

    B She uses computers more often. What is the difference between e-business and e-commerce? What are the benefits of each? Which of these words is used most frequently in the text? How often do you use the Internet and for what reasons? Last year. The ability to offer goods and services over the Web has already had a remarkable impact. Start by improving your customer interactions and internal processes. By using e-commerce solutions.

    To achieve this. We believe that the best place to start is with your most critical business process. These systems give customers controlled access to the data they need.

    In other words. Providing quality customer self-service involves providing customers with secure web-browser access to automated order systems. The Web is changing every aspect of our lives. C ustom ers. Manufacturers and vendors can share sales forecasts. Sup ply chain m an ag em ent Supply chain management is about optimizing business processes in every corner of the business enterprise. By using e-business concepts and Web technologies.

    This is e-business. Analyzing past customer behaviour enables an e-business to personalize its offerings and to anticipate customer wants and needs. Today companies large and small are using the Web to communicate with their partners. The advantages of e-business Listening Q pjve clients talk about how Web technology has transformed an area of their business.. Listen and decide which area and which benefit each speaker refers to..

    Task one: There's no business like Internet business Emerging business model: Language Q Look at the future perfect and future continuous forms in the following sentences. Production goes more smoothly when you link the steps with Internet technology. To find out more. Could other verb forms be used? Write a word report comparing e-business and e-commerce.

    Self-study 4a Do the following statements refer to positive or Complete each sentence with a suitable preposition. The managers have 2 spend flexible working up the agenda and 3 areas run where it would make more 4 to work from predict home. After all. Use the exact form of the word in brackets to rewrite 1 A style B surrounding C environment the following predictions. For one thing. Match the words. Companies in sectors 8 anticipate transactions 5 as retailing or financial services are already realising substantial savings by using the Internet to O Match the words.

    Self-study 41 Fill each gap with a suitable word. Match the words as they appear in the unit. In order to access the World Wide Web. Which word runs vertically through the answers? Future perfect and future continuous Use the prompts to write sentences using the future perfect and future continuous.

    Many companies have recently been taking their first 1 take — offerings tentative steps in the world of electronic business. For Task One. For Task Two. P next to the number of the extract. H next to the number of the extract. C new business. C It offers the best available prices. B It guarantees service standards. A an on-line reservation system B a new company credit card C a hour telephone helpline.

    C fashion retailers. A It is an independent travel agency. B or C for the correct answer. A His local travel agencies hadno vacancies. A language training B travel insurance C business entertaining 28 Why do companies use a corporate travel agency?

    A It saves them valuable time. C His ambition was to be self-employed. C It offers the most competitive rates. B media publicity. B His wife wanted him to work from home. B hotel and catering firms. B It holds detailed client information. During the first four months of employment. All holidays must be taken within the holiday year 1 st April Terms and Conditions of Employment The employee works a 37 V 2 hour week..

    The salary is based on Key Scale The employee is The age of Weekday overtime is paid at a standard hourly 1. All holiday dates are The company's holiday year runs from April 1st each year.

    The company does not operate a private pension scheme for employees.. Within this period.. Those not taken by 31st March may not be 5.

    The salary is calculated from 25th.. The employee's 2. It represents 27 per cent of the final mark. If you are confident that an answer is correct. You do not need to do the parts of the test in order. It is a misconception that skilled Generally the longer the negotiations negotiators are smooth operators in go on, the better chance they have smart suits. Dr Cohen says that one because people do not want to think of his strategies is to dress down so their investment and energies have that the other side can relate to you.

    However, joint venture Pitch your look to suit your customer. More common is a expensive or successful will make you corporate culture clash between more approachable. People will companies, which can put paid to any generally feel more comfortable with deal. Even having agreed a deal, things somebody who appears to be like may not be tied up quickly because them rather than superior to them. Dr Cohen suggests that the best way to sell your proposal is by getting into the world of the other side.

    Ask questions rather than give answers and take an interest in what the other person is saying, even if you think what they are saying is silly. You do not need to become their best friend but being too clever will alienate them.

    A lot of deals are made on impressions. Do not rush what you are saying — put a few hesitations in, do not try to blind them with your verbal dexterity. Also, you should repeat back to them Dr Cohen thinks that children are the masters of negotiation.

    They understand the decision-making process within families perfectly.

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