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The Laws of The Spirit World book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Thrice printed in the short period of just less than. Editorial Reviews. Review. The book has changed my life,and I am sure it will change yours too The Laws of the Spirit World by [Bhavnagri, Khorshed]. ON FEBRUARY 22, , KHORSHED AND RUMI BHAVNAGRI'S WORLD WAS SHATTERED. ONE MONTH LATER, A NEW ONE OPENED. Khorshed and.

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The Laws Of The Spirit World Pdf

NATURAL LAW IN THE SPIRIT WORLD.. 9. RELATION OF THE "SPIRIT WORLD" TO THE "NATURAL WORLD. Man's RELATION TO THE SPIRIT WORLD. The Spiritual Laws is a long-awaited spiritual life guide. It is a credible, you understand the world you live in, so that you can turn the biggest misfortune into. THE LAWS OF THE SPIRIT WORLD. AHMEDABAD AND REST OF GUJARAT. ALL-INDIA BOOKSTORES: NAMES AND CONTACT NUMBERS. THIS BOOK IS .

Mar 19, Jyoti rated it liked it This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A large part of the book had an eerie feel to it. I couldn't keep it aside until it was absolutely necessary. But midway through there was a lot of repetition and human-oration to the text, and not so much as a spirit talking to the reader. The book tries to emphasize that:.

During his life time he shared lots of hobbies with his brother Ratoo.

They were both interested in sports and enjoyed building models of planes and ships. The two brothers also developed a passion for tinkering with cars and driving. Vispi also shared his love for reading with his mother Khorshed. He had experiences similar to his mother in relation to places and situations and reminiscences of past incarnations and would often spend a lot of time discussing these with Khorshed.

Another of his favourite passion was music and he was especially fond of songs sung by Jim Reeves and Nat King Cole. Vispi passed away in a tragic car accident together with his brother Ratoo and since then he has been in touch with his mother from the Spirit World, first through Automatic Writing, and then through the process of Telepathy. Through him, his mother then made it her mission to help all those in need and to give guidance to all those who wanted to progress spiritually.

Khorshed Bhavnagri introduced the book. Subsequent to this.

Popsie Spiritual Learning We worship one God only. The main mission of the ViRaRus group is to spread the knowledge received by us through Rustom Screwvalla who communicates from the spirit world with his daughter Navaz Karbhari. As a group each one of us has had our lives touched.

The Laws of the Spirit World

In this way Vispi and Ratoo were able to advise and guide their parents constantly and give them their mission on earth.

Believers of Vispi and Ratoo in NZ would meet regularly every week from the year and subsequently in as a group we decided to call ourselves the ViRaRus group. ViRaRus — Vispi. Automatic Writing should not be practiced on your own. The Laws of the Spirit World which was communicated by Vispi and Ratoo through the technique of Telepathy and this was finally reduced into writing by her.

The boys asked their parents to develop powers of concentration so they could communicate safely and privately together through the method of Automatic Writing. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

Future Science: Jump to Page. Search inside document. Documents Similar To bhavnagri. Yogi Shivnath. Narendra Bhole. Suresh Srinivasan. Read with an open mind. Helped me change my thoughts. My life was miserable with lot of obstacles. I was living in illusion. Had faith that i would get help. Yes i did. It completely changed my life. Believe it.

View all 4 comments. Nov 16, Melanie rated it did not like it. The book talks about the spirit world and the way one should lead life while on earth. I found the same thought being repeated in various chapters without moving logically from one topic to another.

Was not able to continue reading it after I was half way through. View 1 comment. Nov 05, Shikha rawal rated it really liked it. So the book in the beginning is a little too repetitive in terms of the concept explanation of the 7 realms and it is simplied way too much into good and bad deeds.

The knowledge contained in the book is nothing substantially new but rather something all of us have always been taught since childhood - As you sow, so shall your reap.

However, there are some interesting concepts that I learnt such as the Akashic records which records ea So the book in the beginning is a little too repetitive in terms of the concept explanation of the 7 realms and it is simplied way too much into good and bad deeds.

However, there are some interesting concepts that I learnt such as the Akashic records which records each and every action, thought, memory of an individual; Twin souls which means that the soul is split into two parts and does not mean soul mates; Walk ins when the going gets tough, there is a possibility that some other soul from the spirit world may take our body and we get to stay in the spirit world; though its very rare and that you decide your parents as well as your death date.

Some of the quotes from the book that really stayed with me are: Trust your spirit guides Also from the moment you're born until you die; you have been designated with one spirit guide who guides you through the complete process of life. That means someone is always watching at you!!

Life changing ; 6 When you constantly compare your journey with someone else's, it holds you back; 7 A very basic test given to most people is whether they can stay positive in a tough situation; 8 Negative thoughts come only from the physical mind. The subconscious mind, even in the most trying of circumstances, will see things in a positive light; 9 To be positive means to understand the higher nature of things; 10 Derive strength from the fact that your spirit guides are still with you and can guide you if you let them; 11 Positivity is a choice no matter what the situation; 12 Success or failure depends on the strength of your choices; 13 DO NOT be of the view that you are on Earth to suffer.

Yes, your debts have to be paid off, but your earthly journey should be joyous. So lighten up. Have a sense of humour and again balance is the key; 14 Expectations create anxiety because they build unnecessary pressure; 15 Nature is a reflection of human beings. It shows what is within you.

Oct 12, Deepu P rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I recommend to read conversations with god And evolutionary enlightenment View 2 comments.

Feb 20, Acyutananda rated it it was amazing. Highly relevant, important information. The information channeled from Korshed's sons is congruent with vedic scriptures.

Expect to be challenged in regards to your ethics and esteem of yourself. Perfect read for people who want to improve their moral standing. Feb 28, Vanu rated it it was amazing. This was exactly what I needed. My uncle lent me this book after talking about Upanishads and spirituality, and this book has answered so many of my questions, especially the ones about Death and what comes after.

This whole summer I'm not sure if it's the restlessness or what has been one of intense soul-searching or at least, one of worrying about death and having an existential crisis , and this has answered everything that I've always been questioning. I feel so much better right now. I fe This was exactly what I needed. I feel like even if I don't know what the big picture is, I at least know what this little jigsaw piece is supposed to be, and where it all fits in the grand scheme of things.

I learnt so much. I want to hold on to this book forever. I need to go out and download myself a copy. Jun 09, Neetu Nazareth rated it it was amazing. Read this book only if you -completely or remotely believe in the existence of God and afterlife. If you've lost a loved one, this book might help you cope with your loss. It'll provide comfort in a way nothing else probably can. Full review here: Aug 06, Arun B rated it liked it.

A decent book. If you believe in paranormal, give it a shot! Some of the ideas that are presented in this book concurs with the Hindu Scriptures. This is an amazing book written on the other dimensions and what happens to us after our death. Dear Readers.. I saw many comments that there is a lot of repetition but my friend all those are purposely written again and again because that is the bottomline. I have experienced spirits in many ways and this book has all matters which I personally experienced..

I don't know how much my life would change but we all know the difference between good and bad. So, lets promise ourselves and pray to God that we always live in right path in godly way Mistakes will happen but we need to recognize Dear Readers..

Mistakes will happen but we need to recognize it, repent it and make sure we don't commit the same. You would only be able to relate to it in case you are religious and God fearing person. The author talks about a family who's two members are killed in an accident and then they establish a connection with their parents. Their parents used to write everything their sons used to tell them.

Well honestly I don't know how much truth lies when the author claims about 7 different levels after you die, which will be based upon how well and honestly you have lived. The lessons shared are great and I i You would only be able to relate to it in case you are religious and God fearing person. The lessons shared are great and I indeed have learn something new. So if you are religious I would recommend this book for sure.

Jan 30, Priyanka rated it it was amazing. I have always been spiritual. Religion was forced on me at birth, which with time, I have been able to distance myself from. Laws of the Spirit world answered most of the questions about world, misery, karma, karmic connections, karmic debts and lot of other aspects of cosmic energy. I have been lucky enough to have experienced spiritual connections in my life and this validation of my beliefs was much needed. Jun 23, Smriti Jhunjhunwala rated it liked it Shelves: Not sure if I completely believe in what has been told in the book, however, it does remind one and emphasise on being a good human being.

While it's quite repetitive in its writing, it does pass the message very strongly, motivated me and reminded me to be positive.

Simple good read. A great book for beginners by a mourning mother of two sons who died at an early age of late-twenties. If you are interested in concepts of life after death, spiritual consequences after life, and overall the meaning of physical existence, have a read.

It may or may not resonate with you, all the talk about "realms" of an after-life world, but the book is worth once a read at least to compare the different sources of knowledge you already have. The author, Khorshed Bhavnagri, communicates alleg A great book for beginners by a mourning mother of two sons who died at an early age of late-twenties.

The author, Khorshed Bhavnagri, communicates allegedly or otherwise: Concepts like free-writing I believe it is the term are explored. The book is written in simple English with no flowery language. Won't hurt to read once. Jun 02, Wenceslao rated it did not like it Shelves: What really rang some if this would had been the only book on the topic maybe I would have enjoyed it, however I read this after reading the journey of souls by Michael Newton and parts of Laws of spirit world reminded me of the former, however LOTSW becomes unique in its introduction of god, angels, devils, sin, temptation, discussion of good and evil which at the end what does not conclude stating what set of beliefs should the reader adhere to in order to define what is good, what is sin etc.

What really rang some bells was the discussion of suicide. However at the end, with different words said the same that classic religions say. My best guest is that the author had some thoughts on this topic, which maybe was against the author's beliefs.

Apr 05, Deepa M. A very insightful read! Cleared many questions i had in mind and gave clarity on many spiritual concepts. When i started off i found it hard to be open to what is being discussed in the book because the writing sounded too childish and even negative at some point. But once you reach the middle its a very informative and enlightening read that can change the way you look at life!

The Laws of The Spirit World

View all 5 comments. Oct 14, Kanav Guglani rated it it was ok. I personally feel that the author of this book is kinda delusional. It's not that everything written in this book is wrong, but most of the content is fictional. You do get to learn something, but you also realize that more than half of the content is fictional, and is added for one sole purpose, and that's monetization.

Not recommended. Aug 15, Purva Khandelwal rated it it was amazing. The book that changes your thought process. Gives a whole new dimension to life. I am grateful to have read this book recommended by a very beautiful human being and a very good friend.

Must read. Apr 27, Rachna rated it liked it Shelves: To put the book in a nutshell, live a good life, do good and be good, else you will go to the pits of hell and suffer. Nothing new. Good book. I'm rating this book in terms of my reading enjoyment.

The Laws of The Spirit World by Khorshed Bhavnagari

My rating or review does not express my views regarding the content of this book. It expresses my views in terms of my reading experience. I think the most evident thing about this book that everyone should know is that it is extremely repetitive. There are so many points in this book that have been repeated numerous times. The author simply rephrased the sentences and bombarded us with the same piece of knowledge countless times whenever she I'm rating this book in terms of my reading enjoyment.

The author simply rephrased the sentences and bombarded us with the same piece of knowledge countless times whenever she thought it seemed appropriate.

Not gonna lie, it put me off and I felt frustrated. There were also times when the author didn't elaborate the idea well enough. I still have many questions about some topics discussed in this book so I don't think that's a good sign.

All I was getting from this book was general knowledge that I already knew before. There wasn't as much of new information to learn as I hoped.

The writing style of the author also sounded condescending. There were times when the author simply assumed that we're not downloading her shit and are disagreeing with her. It does because at times, some of the stuff that the author says implies that the author knows more than us, and is wiser than us.

The Laws of The Spirit World

The tone wasn't gentle either, neither was it a mocking tone. But the author wasn't teaching us, she was condescendingly informing us. I actually believe in most of it and was interested. In fact, my interest in the subject was what kept me going. It was nice to know about afterlife and notion of good and evil. Overall, I just think I am used to reading books written by actual experienced authors who know how to write an entertaining read, so reading a non-fiction book written by a person passionate about the subject but not having elaborate writing skills, put me off.

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